2020 Vision: The Future of Poverty Disruption
October 7-9, 2020
UMass Boston

DAY 1 | Exchange Members-Only Convening
DAYS 2 & 3 | Keynote remarks, panels, workshops, and networking


Poverty is more complex than ever. Families at the bottom of the economic ladder must navigate moving rungs and recurring setbacks to move up. Every economic sector has a part to play in clearing pathways toward economic independence.

The 2020 Vision: The Future of Poverty Disruption conference seeks to answer three questions:
1. What changes are happening in the world today that have significant import for the future of poverty disruption?
2. What are the implications of these changes for the economic mobility of the working poor?
3. How do we adapt to these changes to strengthen our work?

“I greatly enjoyed this conference and cross-sector collaborative movement!” -Survey Response