Angel moved from Puerto Rico to Boston in 2008 with his wife and two children. Angel worked a number of jobs to support his family. Unfortunately, Angel had a series of bad breaks, including a serious physical health ailment that prevented him from working. Eventually, Angel and his wife found themselves evicted from their apartment.

They then obtained shelter through EMPath’s STEPS program. Angel worked with his STEPS mentor Mondelyn, who he said was “a pleasure for the great support and help in this process.”

Angel then gained housing through the Boston Housing Authority. Meanwhile, Angel has been working with EMPath’s Mobility Mentoring Center (MMC) to improve his credit score and work on his budgeting skills. He credits his work with EMPath and Carlos, Senior Coordinator of EMPath’s MMC, for helping him start to improve his finances.

Angel says that he and Carlos continue to work on goals. Angel says that, “One of the goals that we have is getting a house a year from now. We are working towards that and we think (and I say ‘we’ because I am including Carlos) we think that this is achievable.”

Angel goes on to say that the goal of buying his own home was not something he had ever considered: “You hit rock bottom because you were homeless and now you’re thinking about buying a house? In that sense, it’s an awakening. You set a goal and try to achieve that goal. Working with Carlos is refreshing. It’s like having a coach trying to help you to achieve those goals.”

He adds that “EMPath has given [me] back the confidence which had lost when I was forced to retire. Not only have they helped my family, but we also know about other EMPath programs that can use to benefit other families.”

A photo of Ada standing outside with her hand on her hip. She is wearing a light grey t-shirt.

Ada's Story

Ada’s life has completely turned around since she first walked into EMPath’s office. It’s not just the tangible progress she’s made, like signing up for the gym or enrolling in GED classes – her motivation and outlook on life have shifted too.

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