This program has changed the way I look, assess and deal with situations in my life. I have been able to advance in my company, grow my savings like never before, and my family life has become so much better since I have been involved with this program.” – EMPath Participant


  • Financial Management gains in EMPath’s Career Family Opportunity program

    • 71% of CFO participants increased their credit score from entry to exit with a 108 average point increase. Graduates of CFO have, on average, a credit score of 681, which is only 19 points below the Massachusetts average score of 6991.
  • Financial Management gains organization-wide–from emergency shelter to long-term support

    • 62% of participants who did not have a budget at entry developed one before exiting
    • 65% of participants started saving before exiting
    • 67% of participants who did not have a bank account at the start of the program had one at exit
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