• Financial Management gains in EMPath’s Career Family Opportunity program

    • 71% of CFO participants increased their credit score from entry to exit with a 108 average point increase.
    • 48 points average CFO graduate credit score increase.
  • Financial Management gains organization-wide–from emergency shelter to long-term support

    • 62% of participants who did not have a budget at entry developed one before exiting (355/570) (FY14-FY17)
    • 65% of participants started saving before exiting (329/509) (FY14-FY17)
    • 67% of participants who did not have a bank account at the start of the program had one at exit (207 of 310) (FY14-FY17)
    • $37,790 is the average annual earned income of CFO participants at program exit, compared to $23,973 at entry.