Participants are typically engaged in the following programs for 8-24 months.

Hastings House

58 beds in Brighton shelter for mothers and their children, and women in 3rd trimester of pregnancy. (Funded by DHCD)

STEPS - Scattered Sites in the Community

56 apartments in Boston communities for single or two parent households with children. (Funded by DHCD)

Hosmer Co-Sheltering

34 families (mother and one child under age 6) are housed two-families per unit. (Funded by DHCD)


Families transition out of shelter into housing subsidized by MRVP & BHA/LHA. (Funded by DHCD)


Housing for 8 moms and their child. (Funded by DHCD)

Upon initial placement in EMPath emergency housing, families work with a Housing Mentor as they adjust to new surroundings. The transition from homelessness to emergency shelter can be difficult: the stresses of homelessness, unemployment, a ruptured social network, or the loss of independence present significant challenges. Together with their Resident Services Mentors, families focus on setting goals around stabilizing the family in the new environment: mitigating the effects of adversity on decision-making, finding employment resources, improving organization, and cultivating positive relationships.

Once families are stable, they progress to transitional housing and are paired with a Program Mentor. Goal-setting in this new environment prepares participants for permanent housing, education, employment with a clear career path, and the establishment of a robust savings plan. As they ascend the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®, participants see a defined path supported by long-term mentoring, with the goal of financial independence. Parents become powerful examples for their children and begin modeling behavior to positively influence their child’s development.

Post-shelter housing often serves as a gateway from EMPath housing programs to community-based housing. In this setting, participants engage with Stabilization Program Mentors, Mobility Mentors, and Mobility Mentoring® Specialists to develop short- and long- term goals.