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Day One - Members Only

Day one of the 2021 virtual summit has been designed to give back, uplift, and invest in the practitioners of EMPath’s coaching model. We will celebrate our members and practitioners by providing workshops and seminars that speak to their professional growth and the supports needed to continue bringing their best selves to their coaching relationships.


Day Two - Public Events

On May 13th, EMPath will host two events: a public panel and a virtual gala. The panel of Exchange members will discuss their work and its impact on the lives of real families working towards economic independence. The virtual gala will gather the staff, participants, and donors of EMPath and Exchange members to celebrate our shared work and success.


May 12, 2021 | Full Agenda

11AM E.T. Pre-Summit Event:

Meet & Greet (1 Hour) Hosted by our Netherlands Exchange Partners, this is a chance to connect with other Exchange Member organizations’ staff.


Welcome & Introduction (10 mins)

Raysheema Rainey, Director of Member Relations will introduce EMPath COO Mary Coleman, who will start off the day.

What’s An Emerging Leader? How to Recognize and Support Staff in Becoming Your Organization’s Next Leaders (50 mins)

Recognizing and nurturing future leaders provides stability to the long term efforts of an organization and creates pathways for growth opportunities. In this seminar, Dr. Mary Coleman, Senior VP of Programs and COO of EMPath will share how to identify emerging leaders, best practices for supporting their growth, and creating opportunities in your organization.


Supporting Staff Executive Functioning Skills (55 mins)

Supporting others with complex challenges can be rewarding as well as challenging at times. Vicarious trauma and workload stress can impact our ability to provide the best support to those in need. In this workshop, attendees will learn best practices in supporting staff executive functioning skills. Examining how maintaining boundaries, remaining organized, and having reflective supervision encourages and builds staff executive functioning skills. Presenters: Sarah Bellemore, Director, CFO and Intergen, Sandra Clermy, Director of Supportive Housing

Well-being Practices for Mentors (55 mins)

Coaching mindset, Boundaries, Strength finder, Well-being habit, & Techniques Presenter: Natalia Mayes, PFCE Manager, Charleston County School District Head Start

[10 minute break]


What’s Next for Me? Organizational Mentoring Support for Employees (50 mins)

Sharing wisdom and institutional knowledge through mentoring, provides invaluable feedback, insight, and support for employee’s professional development. In this seminar for organizational leaders and non-leaders, Dr. Elisabeth Babcock, President & CEO of EMPath will share how mentoring employees not only benefits the organization but, how supporting staff professional growth creates an environment of shared learning and support. Presenter: Beth Babcock


Brave Communication - Creating an Inclusive Climate Within Your Team (55 mins)

An inclusive climate relates to how a team functions and performs based on the quality of social connections, openness to learning, agility, and depth of shared decision making. In this workshop, Chayna McDermott, HR Manager of EMPath and Raysheema Rainey, Director of Member Relations for the Exchange will share how team members can foster an inclusive climate by developing social norms, expectations, and building constructively on each other’s ideas. Presenters: Chayna McDermott, Human Resources Manager, Raysheema Rainey, Director of Member Relations

Staff Support and Skills Development – Reaching My Economic Independence While Supporting Others (55 mins)

Professional development goals, how org. can support, sustainable, seeking a mentor or organizational developed mentoring program for staff, training staff- supporting long term goals that will increase earning potential. Presenters: Lori Schumacher, Program Director in Regional Services & Rosa Hernandez, Program Coordinator in Workforce Development, The Center for Human Services


Closing Remarks (5 mins)

May 13, 2021 | Full Agenda

Changing the Narrative: The Power of Collaboration / 1:00 PM ET

At 1 PM ET on 5/13, several member organizations will reflect on their work implementing a Mobility Mentoring® informed program and the impact it has had on their work and themselves. We’ll hear from leaders from the Zepf Center, Anderson Interfaith Ministries, Creating Opportunity To Succeed, & The Family Partnership

Virtual Gala / 4:00 PM ET

Join EMPath and partners at 4:00 PM ET on Thursday, May 13th for a quick shot of inspiration, celebrating the ways we are disrupting poverty together. We know everyone is Zoomed out and ready to retire virtual events, so we are preparing a short program for our virtual gala: 30 quick minutes of streamlined solutions and hope for families with low-incomes across the country.

Meet the Speakers

Sarah Bellemore

Sarah Bellemore is the Director of CFO and Intergen Programs. Sarah oversees both the Career Family Opportunity (CFO) Program and the Intergenerational Mobility Project at EMPath. She has been using EMPath’s Mobility Mentoring model ever since in her roles as a Mobility Mentor, program Coordinator, and now program Director at EMPath.

Sandra Clermy

Sandra Clermy is the Director of Supportive Housing at EMPath. Sandra, has over 15 years of experience working with families in emergency assistance shelters and a total of 8 years with EMPath.

Craig Gerbers

Craig Gebers is the Senior Director of Workforce Development and Supportive Services at Zepf Center in Toledo, Ohio . Zepf Center provides workforce development services, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment services. Craig has a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Bowling Green State University & a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service Administration from the University of Toledo.

Kristi King

Kristi is the Executive Director of AIM, a social services ministry developed by the faith community, and has been in this role since AIM’s inception in 1990.

Chayna McDermott

Chayna McDermott is the Human Resources Manager at Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath). Chayna received a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance and Accounting with a minor in Spanish from Bentley University.

Delphia Simmons

As an active leader in Detroit’s Social Innovation movement, Delphia currently serves as the Chief Impact and Learning Officer at COTS Detroit, an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for this generation and beyond.

John Till

As Senior VP of Strategy and Innovation at The Family Partnership (TFP), John leads our two-generation (2Gen) and brain science-informed program and policy strategies. He lives in an LGBTQ Filipino-American immigrant household in Minneapolis, Minnesota.