You’re invited! For the first time ever, we’re hosting a virtual “behind the scenes” look into EMPath’s work. Attend these sessions to learn about disrupting poverty on three levels — working directly with families, collaborating with other human services agencies around the globe, and engaging in legislative advocacy to change systems. Hear from those working to make change at all three levels, and learn about important issues we can all support during this difficult time.

Impacting Families

Wednesday, August 12th / 12 PM ET
How do families actually move out of poverty? What role can a coach or mentor play in the process? What roadblocks get in the way of economic mobility, and how can those roadblocks be taken down? Hear from folks in our direct services programs about their successes, challenges, and experiences both before and during the current COVID crisis.

This event has passed. Thank you to all who joined!

Impacting the Sector

Wednesday, August 19th / 12PM ET
How are organizations working together to improve outcomes for families who are struggling? How can we increase the impact of effective models? Hear from members of our global learning network about how they’re disrupting poverty in their own communities.

This event has passed. Thank you to all who joined!

Impacting Systems

Wednesday, August 26th / 12PM ET
What policies are holding families back, and what legislative changes would have the greatest impact? How can we all use our voices to advocate for change? Hear from members of our Advocacy team and learn how you can get involved in fighting for policies that support Massachusetts families’ economic mobility and stability.