Home page content tips.

The following points should help guide you through the process of writing content for the home page.

  • Get to the point because you don’t have a big window of time. Try to think of the home page content as an elevator pitch for the whole organization.
  • Scannable content. A user should be able to understand what services the organization offers (and what makes it special compared to competitors) by simply scanning the content particularly headlines.
    • Try this test: if a user comes to the page, then scrolls down and only reads the primary headlines and looks at the graphics do they clearly understand what EMPath do?
    • Have you ever read every word on the home page from top to bottom? Probably not. Bear this in mind.
    • Within each module try to break content into: a headline, short paragraph, short lists and links or buttons.
  • Unique Selling Points. In each home page module do try to bring out what makes EMPath special compared to competitors. In “Marketese” they call this the “Unique Selling Point”.

  • Proof. Try to back up the point in each module with data points or a link to a success story.
  • Words
    • On the web less is always more. Keep content clear and to the point. The goal is to have the user get a high level understanding then dive deeper for more information.
    • Target the words you want to represent the organization, or want a user to understand about EMPath. Own them early on, and inject them appropriately into copy, for example: “Global” “Brain Science”.
    • Avoid institution jargon; replace with simple explanations.
    • Trademarks or key parts of the business, like “The Bridge To Self Efficiency” can be used but must be backed up with a simple explanation.
    • Do use industry / sector terms or jargon but question whether your global audience will understand them. Be in the mind of the reader — they will not try to figure out what you mean.
  • Links. Each piece of high level home page content should ink to a relevant piece of content on the site. That can be a web page, video, paper etc etc.