WiFi Information

Network Name: EMPBOSGuest
Password: ?EMPguests18?

Booking Rooms

New calendars for all of the rooms have been set up. You can add all of them to your calendar and start reserving them now. The room names with capacity are below.

The correct way to book rooms is to create a new invitation from your own calendar, and then invite the room. Please do not open the room calendar and book directly onto it. Here is a link from Microsoft that outlines this process.

Team Room 1 (6 people)
Team Room 2 (4 people)
Team Room 3 (4 people)
Conference Room 12 (12 people)
Conference Room 8 (8 people)
Mother’s Room (2 people)
Private Room 1 (2 people)
Private Room 2 (2 people)
Cubicle 1 (1 desk)
Cubicle 4 (1 desk)

There is a large conference space in the new building we can rent, if it is available. Please get in touch with Richard or Jeff if you need to book a large room (more than 12 people) as soon as possible because it fills up fast.

Download the BCM Room Booking Policy.

Security Badges & Visitor Procedure

Staff who regularly work at Congress Street have a security badge. BCM will charge $25 for each replacement badge. For any guest without a badge (including EMPath staff and participants) visiting our office, you will need to submit the following information 24 hours before the guest’s arrival to either Jeff, Dylan, or Richard:

  • Name of Guest(s): First and Last
  • Date of visit
  • Contact for when guests arrive including email

We will then enter it into the system and then the guest’s information will be at the security desk and the security guard will let them in. When your guest does check in downstairs you will receive an email notification. Please make sure your guest brings their photo ID.

If you have 10 or more guests coming in at once the building requires us to set up a registration table at the front desk to check everyone in. They will provide the table but an employee has to be stationed at the table to check them in and we have to supply our own name tags.

For any additional questions, email Jeff Swallom.