Boston, August 9, 2018 - Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) today announced the dates and location of its renowned biennial Disrupting the Poverty Cycle Conference: November 1 & 2 at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

“For low-income families, escaping poverty is more complex than ever,” said EMPath President & CEO Elisabeth Babcock MCRP, Ph.D. “In response, we need to ask the tough questions. At the top of the list: What are the most effective ways to advance economic mobility?”

The conference, Babcock says, promotes “bold ideas and breakthrough approaches” that can make a big difference to families worldwide.

Every two years the conference draws hundreds of nonprofit, government, and academic leaders from around the globe. The theme of this year’s Disrupting the Poverty Cycle Conference is “Ideas with Impact.” Attendees will hear from distinguished experts about concepts that are changing the way we combat poverty, including: the power of high expectations; the link between health and poverty; and the role of big data and technology.

Additional details about the Disrupting the Poverty Cycle Conference will be announced in the coming weeks. To learn more, visit