by: Jason Marks, Chris Horne

Posted: May 2, 2019 =

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — They have children and they have a paycheck, but they don’t have a clear path toward financial security.

Organizers of a new partnership between the United Way, Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia, and ForKids, inc. say tens of thousands of local working mothers are caught in that dilemma.

It’s an age-old problem, especially in Hampton Roads. But now there’s technology to tie together key agencies that can help. And instead of traditional case managers, this new program, called the Aspire Partnership, utilizes mentors that help mothers plot a course toward financial self-sufficiency.

“You can throw money at any problem, but people change people’s lives,” said Tracy Fick, the associate director and chief programs officer for Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia.

Changing lives is what motivated Meredith Larsen to become a case manager at ForKids, inc. — and what continues to drive her as she becomes a mobility mentor through the Aspire Partnership.

“That’s one great thing about mentoring — we don’t try to be the experts of anyone’s life,” Larsen said.

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