Participants are typically engaged in the following programs for 5 years:

Career Family Opportunity (CFO)

5-year intensive program for 50 participants with matched savings goal of $10,000 and career-track job goal.

Mass LEAP - Learning, Education, and Asset Program

5-year intensive program for 60 DHCD-housed individuals in greater Boston.

Abbot MRVP Pilot Program

5-year permanent housing secured by a project-based MRVP voucher with the goal of helping participants obtain a "smart start job" within 5 years. (Funded by DHCD)

The Career Family Opportunity

The Career Family Opportunity (CFO) program is EMPath’s groundbreaking program that helps families achieve full economic independence. CFO takes a comprehensive and personalized approach. We recognize each person brings a unique set of experiences, accomplishments, needs, and challenges to his or her journey to economic self-sufficiency. Program participants map out their individual education, career, and financial goals. Along the way, the program provides ongoing support and financial incentives and connects participants to the resources and professional help they need.

The early results of attained by CFO participants inspired us to expand Mobility Mentoring® within our other programs, and explore ways to scale the model nationally. Mobility Mentoring® tools and frameworks were adapted to accommodate the diverse needs of families seeking exit strategies from poverty.

Mass LEAP - Learning, Education, and Asset Program

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) funded $8.1 million to create a five year program to provide holistic services to lead low-income individuals to economic independence. Thanks to this new funding, families now have access to Mobility Mentoring® services, including coaching for financial, educations, and career services. As one of the largest providers, EMPath is currently partnering with housing authorities in Braintree, Quincy, Watertown, and the Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership.

Abbot MRVP Pilot Program

EMPath helps formerly homeless families gain their footing and build economically stable and secure lives in their own homes. Our multi-unit Abbot House is an innovative supportive housing model for 11 young families, each with their own apartment. Abbot House families create a community network—sharing resources, trading information, offering suggestions, and celebrating successes. Children at Abbot House can take part in play groups and other activities as well as receive individual academic tutoring.