Next Meeting
Thursday, March 4th
12 PM ET / Zoom

In this presentation, Amanda Holm Hartigan, Asst. Director of Programs Learning and Engagement will share how the Boston Foundation has been making strides toward more equitable grantmaking. She will touch upon topics from data collection and analysis and participatory grantmaking to reprioritizing grant resources and updating grant reporting, concluding with how processes have necessarily evolved and sped up throughout COVID-19.

This virtual event is free and open to the public.

About the Group

The Outcomes Workgroup is a space for professionals of all sectors to discuss outcomes-related processes in our collective effort to disrupt poverty. The “Data Cats” of nonprofits, agencies, and funders discuss topics like data collection, reporting techniques, among other key issues. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the last month of every quarter. Participation is free, all are welcome!