As EMPath has announced, our beloved president of the past 15 years, Beth Babcock, will be retiring in 2022. At a time of unprecedented organizational strength—in terms of our programs, our finances, and our broader leadership team—Beth has decided to step aside to allow someone new to lead our next phase of growth.

Beth has built something truly unique at EMPath: a nonprofit “action tank,” where the deep wisdom that comes from serving those impacted by poverty informs research and advocacy efforts; where we develop a nuanced understanding of what works for real people and use that knowledge to transform the human services field as a whole.

Under Beth’s leadership, EMPath developed and grew our signature model from a pilot serving 25 families in South Boston to an internationally recognized, best-practice operation that has reached over 300,000 people across the US and beyond. EMPath has emerged as the standout industry leader in what works to move families from struggling to thriving, whose expertise continues to be sought out by human services agencies, foundations, think tanks, and policymakers from across the globe.

With an ambitious plan for the next three years, EMPath will build evidence for the short- and long-term effectiveness of our model, continue to lead a movement in the human services sector toward real economic mobility for families, impact systemic change informed by our work on the ground, and ultimately scale our model to serve one million people by 2025.

This is a truly exciting and momentous time to be part of EMPath’s vital work. It is up to all of us to continue to build on the legacy of past successes to secure EMPath’s future—and the futures of all of those who will benefit from our transformative model.

That is why we have created the New Heights Fund. With a generous initial donation from a long-time donor, this fund is for everyone who strongly believes in what we have built here at EMPath—and who wants to be an integral part of expanding our impact and reach.

D’Arcy Goldman, an EMPath donor for over 30 years, made the fund’s inaugural gift. She says she was motivated to make the donation because she sees a bright future for the organization. “I’ve been supporting EMPath through its many transitions over the years, and I have always been impressed by the organization’s ability to adapt with the times. They’ve become a real leader in this field. I know exciting things are coming,” D’Arcy said.

We need your support to keep growing and making change. Make a gift to EMPath as we reach for new heights.

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