The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency is a special tool to chart a path to economic self-sufficiency. “The Bridge” was developed by EMPath and is backed by emerging brain science. Mobility Mentoring uses The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency in order to help families achieve long-term economic mobility. The Bridge helps families plan, reach, and sustain their personal goals in five essential areas: family stability, well-being, education and training, financial management, and employment and career management.

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency takes a comprehensive approach, because difficulties in one part of someone’s life can create difficulties in another. Fortunately, the opposite holds true, as well. Success in one part of someone’s life can reinforce success in another.

TED Talk

The world has changed. The work has changed. They've both gotten a lot harder. It's projected that in the near future 75% of all jobs will require education beyond high school. This changes the world of working with low-income families. How do you build programs for that? Emerging brain science has something to tell us.