The Abbot Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP) is a residential program for women and their children. Located in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, this program serves 11 families. Abbot MVRP uses the Mobility Mentoring® model to support participants in achieving the program goal of full-time employment, with an annual salary of at least $35,000—on track to a Smart Start Job.

Whittier Choice is a program serving the approximately 200 families living at Whittier Street Housing Authority in Roxbury. The City of Boston and the Boston Housing Authority was granted a Choice Neighborhood Implementation grant by HUD in December 2016. Under the grant, the 200 units of affordable housing will be demolished and redeveloped into mixed income housing. EMPath staff are working with as many families as possible to help them achieve economic mobility gains before, during, and after relocation and redevelopment.