AMP Up Boston is a free three-year program for residents of the Boston Housing Authority. The program can give participants support to get a good-paying job or manage their money. If participants are eligible and are admitted to the program based on availability, they will meet with their mentor regularly to set goals and get support. They can earn up to $700 a year for making progress on their goals.

AMP Up Boston is operated by EMPath, with support from the Boston Housing Authority (BHA). EMPath is also partnering with lead researcher Lawrence Katz at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to better understand the program.

To find out if participating in the study is right for you, attend an Information Session.

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Ready to achieve your goals?

Our mentors can give you the support you need to manage your money or get a good-paying job. If you’re eligible and are admitted to the program based on availability, you’ll meet with your mentor regularly, in person or online. You can earn up to $700 per year for making progress on your own goals!

You must be:

☑ Living in BHA public or leased housing
☑ An adult between the ages of 18-55
☑ Able to legally work in the U.S.
☑ Willing to meet with your coach regularly virtually or in person

For questions, send an email to ampupboston (at) gmail (dot) com or call 857-217-4309.

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Find out if the AMP Up Boston Study is right for you.

English Sessions

Mandarin translators are available for English sessions only.

Monday: 12/6 @ 12-2pm
Wednesday: 12/8 @ 4-6pm
Monday: 12/13 @ 12-2pm
Wednesday: 12/15 @ 5-7pm
Monday: 12/20 @ 5-7pm

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Spanish Sessions

Saturday: 12/11 @ 11-1pm
Wednesday: 12/22 @ 12-2pm

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