Deciding on a career path can raise a lot of questions: What opportunities are near me? Will it pay my family’s bills? What education or training do I need? Career Compass™ from EMPath aims to support individuals to identify education and employment goals towards a career that will provide a living wage for their family.

Using labor market datasets, Career Compass is an online tool that calculates a family sustaining wage based on household size and location and identifies career paths on track to achieving economic self-sufficiency. Career Compass was developed to support practitioners and individuals with the career exploration process.


Tool Function Highlights:

  • Customize searches to identify emerging and growing career paths
  • Virtual coaching tool for individuals and practitioners
  • Identify goals for education, training, and career paths
  • Career coaching tools and resources
  • National databases with detailed characteristics for over 800 careers

Tool Access:

  • All members of the Exchange have unlimited access to Career Compass, as part of their membership benefits, via the online portal.
  • Non-members can purchase access to the tool for an annual cost.


“An amazing tool that can help expand career options for people unsure with what is out there for them.”

“I found it to be very helpful with opening a client's mind and eyes to new choices that are relevant and match their career goals.”

“This is a great tool to start the career conversation. Gets the participant thinking about what their future could look like.”

Career Compass™ - An Overview

This online search tool pulls information from labor market databases for cutting-edge guidance on finding family-sustaining careers.