1. Celebrating the Class of 2019

    Each of the 2019 graduates of EMPath's flagship program finished strong, collectively earning 5 post-secondary degrees, increasing their credit scores 102 points on average, and saving a combined total of $42,596.

  2. Supporters Gather for Economic Independence Day Celebration

    Evening highlights 10 years of breakthrough coaching approach

  3. We Lifted the Cap on Kids!

    Massachusetts' family cap, which denied benefits to 8,700 children in the state, has been lifted after the state legislature overrode Governor Charlie Baker's veto.

  4. EMPath Wins National Bid To Raise Wages

    EMPath won one of two awards for a nationwide competition called the $1 Billion Wage Gain Challenge hosted by JFF, a national nonprofit that drives transformation in the American workforce and education systems.

  5. Celebrating 10 Years of EMPath's Breakthrough Approach

    EMPath’s Economic Independence Day celebration will mark ten years of its breakthrough coaching approach, Mobility Mentoring, that helps families break the cycle of poverty and achieve economic independence.

  6. EMPath Advocates with Partners for State EITC

    EMPath and its partners in the Healthy Families EITC Coalition joined legislators at the Massachusetts State House to advocate for increasing the state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), an effective and efficient tax policy that increases economic mobility and reduces inequality.

  7. EMPath President on Inaugural Health Care Podcast

    EMPath’s President & CEO Beth Babcock was featured on the inaugural episode of More than Health Care, a new podcast by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.