1. Identity Theft: Next Steps & Prevention

    We hear it on the radio, we see it in the news, but it’s not until it hits home that Identify Theft becomes the two scariest words. Identity Theft is defined as deliberating using someone else’s identity to gain a financial advantage or obtain credit or benefits using another’s personal information and putting the real victim at a disadvantage or loss.

  2. Mobility Mentoring® Essentials Part Two: The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®

    What tools are effective when coaching for economic mobility? In this second post, we review EMPath’s signature tool, the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency.

  3. A 0.5% drop in the official poverty rate is not a cause for celebration

    Today the U.S. Census Bureau released its findings for the 2018 Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage and Supplemental Poverty Measure. The first report tells us about poverty in America without the assistance of anti-poverty programs. The second report tells us how effective those programs are at moving citizens above the poverty rate listed in the first report.

  4. Mobility Mentoring® Essentials Part One: Brain Science and Coaching

    What exactly is Mobility Mentoring? In this four-part blog series, we'll explain the basic elements of EMPath's coaching approach. Part one discusses the brain science of scarcity and why our model uses coaching.

  5. MassLEAP Demonstrates the Power of Long-Term Programs

    Long-term change takes time. In the MassLEAP program, EMPath mentors provided 1:1 economic mobility coaching to residents of public housing authorities over the course of five years.

  6. State Policy and Funding Wins: Fiscal Year 2020

    EMPath is proud to have helped advocate for these policy wins that will make key improvements for households in Massachusetts with lower incomes.

  7. Intergen vs. 2-gen: What’s the Difference?

    Learn about EMPath's whole family coaching approach and how it differs from more traditional "two-generation" approaches.

  8. What to Know About the Capital One Data Breach

    What you should know about the recent Capital One data breach and how to make sure your information is safe.

  9. Two Bills Would Provide Critical Housing Support for MA Families

    EMPath supports two bills that would make sure Massachusetts housing policy protects families experiencing homelessness and reflects present-day financial and safety needs.

  10. Celebrating the Class of 2019

    Each of the 2019 graduates of EMPath's flagship program finished strong, collectively earning 5 post-secondary degrees, increasing their credit scores 102 points on average, and saving a combined total of $42,596.