1. Nov 19, 2020

    EMPath Secures $3.7 Million for Economic Mobility Scaling Efforts

    Coaching program for low-income families will expand to serve hundreds more Greater Boston families; hundreds of thousands across the U.S.


  1. Sep 12, 2020

    Changing their minds, and their lives: A way out of poverty in Philadelphia

    Aladaya Brinson spent her childhood and youth moving with her grandmother from one housing project to another, from South Philly, to North Philly, to Southwest Philly and then back to North Philly, where the 29-year-old now lives.


  1. Jun 2, 2020

    Our Statement: Standing Together

    EMPath stands in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter


  1. May 5, 2020

    Price hikes hurt families – but is it illegal?

    Massachusetts consumers – whether buying online or in stores – are increasingly seeing higher prices for everyday items during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly items required to keep people healthy, like masks and hand sanitizer.


  1. Apr 13, 2020

    Coronavirus in Massachusetts: Lawmakers, advocates press for more aid for children, disabled and older residents

    Lawmakers and advocates for low-income residents hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic are pressing for short-term relief that could help families, disabled and older Massachusetts residents struggling to pay rent, buy food and pay utilities.


  1. Mar 9, 2020

    New York City Tries Financial Mentoring With At-Risk Families — But Leaves Out Cash Incentives

    One of the most common criticisms of America’s child welfare system is that it too often ensnares kids of impoverished parents, accusing them of neglect when the true issue is just the circumstances of poverty. When families earn less than $15,000 per year, authorities are seven times more likely to identify their children as neglected, according to a 2010 study.


  1. Feb 13, 2020

    Study: Rochester's anti-poverty project sees signs of success

    According to new data from the University of Notre Dame, two adult mentoring pilot programs launched in Rochester are succeeding.


  1. Jan 15, 2020

    America's Workers Need More than a Minimum Wage Hike

    With middle-class wages at an all-time low, the debate over how to best boost mobility for workers rages on. According to the Pew Research Center, wages for the average U.S. worker have been largely stagnant for four decades.