In “Mobility Mentoring®: An exploration and first translation of the Dutch practice,” Drs. Nadja Jungmann and Peter Wesdorp of the University of Utrecht, Hogeschool of Applied Sciences, describe how we at EMPath have created brain-science based coaching models designed to mitigate and remediate the impacts of poverty on decision making and behavior so that our participants can move out of poverty to full economic independence.

They write about Mobility Mentoring’s evidence base, design principles, and outcomes in the US and make suggestions as to how the approach can be applied in a Dutch context. The publication is being released as the first pilot of Mobility Mentoring in the Netherlands begins in the city of Alphen aan den Rijn.

On January 26, there was a day-long informational session in the Netherlands for approximately 35 Dutch municipalities interested in exploring how Mobility Mentoring® could be implemented in their cities to help individuals and families become more economically self-sufficient.

EMPath has been deploying and evolving these Mobility Mentoring® practices since 2009 and improvements in our participants’ outcomes have been transformational, as have the outcomes of the many organizations with which we have shared our approaches in the US and abroad. Seeing it reported in Dutch really hits home how far our ideas are traveling.