Former Boston Mayor KIM JANEY will start a new job on June 1 as president and CEO of Economic Mobility Pathways, or EMPath, an organization that supports people living in poverty. EMPath announced Monday that Janey, who spent four years on the Boston City Council and a nearly eight-month stretch leading the city as acting mayor, will take the reins to succeed retiring president and CEO BETH BABCOCK. Janey comes to EMPath familiar with the other end of its work: she herself received help from the group, which allowed her to continue her high school education when she was a young mother. “Stepping into a leadership role at an organization that transformed my life early on is truly a full-circle moment and makes this transition even more exciting,” Janey said in a statement. “I’m proud to continue the work I’ve done for much of my career – building and strengthening communities and advocating for children and families. I look forward to working alongside my new colleagues to expand on the impact the organization has already had in the Boston area and across the country.” For more than a decade, EMPath has offered “Mobility Mentoring” coaching to help individuals and families in poverty gain footholds, access stable housing and acquire degrees and better-paying jobs. Janey takes over at a time when EMPath aims to serve 1 million people in the next few years through partnerships with other human services organizations.